The first step in any successful strategy involves study and dedication. And of course, with Trade marketing, this shouldn’t be different. To better structure your actions, it is fundamental that the professional has a profound knowledge of your brand, the potential of your products and the target audience.

Only then, researching the market and understanding the current behavior of the distribution channels and the final customer and also working the brand and developing a proposal for their products and services are to steps of the process. Now, take a look at how to apply the training course to your company.


Sales and marketing need to go hand in hand, particularly when it comes to Trade Marketing.

The right professionals for this job need to have great marketing and sales skills, so it is essential to not only attract these talents to your team but to work hard and develop new skills and qualifications that strengthen their development.  Training these professionals is important so they can understand the importance of trade marketing and so they are able to identify opportunities more quickly.


Reports that take into account the peculiarities of your operation, allow your company to increase customer satisfaction level and loyalty. Manage your production demands in a more assertive way, improve your staff performance and optimize your promotional strategy.


Not only is data management important to the commercial area but it is also a crucial matter in developing internal structure actions. Those are fundamental to prepare your team for this new strategy. A good LMS provides advanced creation and management tools, thus, feeding the strategic planning while a customer relationship management system is necessary to guarantee access in real-time to the information in the points of sales, for example.


The relationship between companies and their distribution channels is a key point in any Trade Marketing strategy. More than a means to ensure their sales, the distributors are partners and allies in the construction of your image.

Instead of repeating successful actions from the past or reformulating competition campaigns, start to think of creative strategies to gain the support of your commercial partners. Special campaigns add value to your brand, increase your sales and can also be profitable to distribution channels. That way, distributors will see your company as a very important ally in developing their own businesses.

As you could see in this article, it is time to change and invest in Trade Marketing. That means improving the relationship with those who actually elevate the name of your company and that can make it more familiar to your target audience. It is also important to remember that professionals in this area need a constant update in order to continue to provide what the retail market needs.

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